Please note – apart from 8am on Monday 12th August, the other times are our best guesses. Busy cities, aching legs and other challenges we face on the way may impede our progress! Our detailed route has not yet been completed. Email us if you want to be informed of the details when we’ve finalised this.

Monday 12th August

8am our starting point for the challenge:

Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Research Centre
Freeman Rd
High Heaton

Our first mile is dedicated to Rob, brother of our CRUK fundraising friend, Debbie Ward. Rob sadly died from prostate cancer on the week before we started our challenge.

Pedal 3 miles down the road to arrive 9.15am at:

Northern Institute for Cancer Research
Newcastle University
Paul O’Gorman Building
Framlington Place

Tour of the research centre by Prof Jim Allan followed by meeting with other researchers and photoshoot (thank you for giving up your time!)

Some time late in the evening arrive at Easingwold, North Yorkshire zzzzz

Tuesday 13th August

Depart Easingwold

Some time in the evening arrive at Chesterfield, Derbyshire zzzzz

Wednesday 14th August

Depart Chesterfield

Some time in the evening arrive at Binley Woods, Coventry zzzzz

Thursday 15th August

Depart Binley Woods

Arrive 3.15pm if you’d like to join us for the final 3 miles to the Oxford research centre from:

CRUK Oxford Office – Sterling House
3400 John Smith Drive

Having been joined by our cycling flash mob cycle 3 miles to arrive 3.45pm at:

CRUK Oxford Centre (the green building at the Churchill Hospital)
Dept of Oncology
Old Rd Campus Research Building
Roosevelt Drive

Some time in the evening arrive Didcot zzzzz

Friday 16th August

Depart Didcot

Arrive 3pm if you’d like to join us to cycle the final mile from:

93 Shirley High St
SO16 4EX

Having been joined by our final cycling flash mob, cycle the final mile to arrive at our final destination approx 3.30pm and heave a huge sigh of relief:

CRUK Research Centre Southampton
Somers Cancer Research Building MP824
Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Rd
SO16 6YD

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