Our friend Jackie is once again helping us by driving our support car as we pedal from Newcastle to Southampton, providing us with sustenance and practical support. Having supported us on our last 2 challenges, she’s never phased by anything and always comes up with a practical solution to any problems we encounter. We couldn’t do this challenge without her contribution and appreciate her invaluable support!


We first met Nick a couple of years ago when we did several presentations to CRUK staff where the Executive Board were present. He’s always been very supportive of our fundraising challenges and we’re really pleased that he’s joining us for our final day on this year’s challenge. Nick is a ‘proper cyclist’ , unlike the two of us and so he’ll be a going at a slower pace than he’s used to. Nick said “I’m excited to be joining Sue and Patrick on their latest challenge after being so inspired by their stories and everything they’ve done to support our work


Holly is not new to joining some of our fundraising challenges. She cycled through Cheshire during the LEJOG adventure and climbed up Snowdon on our final day of 3 Peaks Ultra for CRUK. Holly said “I’m joining Sue and Patrick on their latest adventure. I really admire their dedication to their work with CRUK and their fundraising, which is helping with the fight against cancer. I’m looking forward to joining the ride!


Jonny has been a friend of Sue’s for more than 40 years and has take part in many of Sue’s and more recently Sue & Patrick’s challenges. It was Jonny and his wife Karen’s LEJOG cycle ride which inspired Sue to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groat’s. “Most of us have lost a loved one(s) to cancer and earlier this year we lost Jim, our brother in law, which brings home the importance of research into cures. That’s why I’m supporting Sue and Patrick’s launch from Newcastle.”


Sue has known Nikki over 10 years – since Philip was being treated at the Churchill Hospital and taking part in a trial ,which had a huge positive impact on his life. . More recently both of us have worked with Nikki giving feedback on research proposals. Research nurses like Nikki contribute so much to improving cancer outcomes through effective research.

Working in the early phase cancer clinical trials unit at the Churchill hospital in Oxford, I see every day the difference that research is making to those patients who have run out of treatment options for their disease. People like Sue and Patrick are making research possible, by raising funds to pay for this vital work, but also raising awareness of what we, as a body of people, are doing to beat cancer now. I will be riding the very short distance from Sterling House to the cancer centre on the 15th August to show my support for them, but also to show the gratitude that we as an organisation feel towards them for their superhuman efforts! Thank you both for your ongoing support and contribution to the fight against cancer, from everyone here at the Oxford centre!”


Cathy is our local fundraising manager who has provided us with great support and encouragement from the very beginning of this project. Cathy said ” Sue and Patrick are so passionate about raising funds and awareness for Cancer Research UK – they truly inspire me in everything they do. I’m so grateful to be able to support them and follow their journey! I’m really looking forward to cycling by their side for some of the way on N2S4CRUK and seeing a wave of CRUK branding travelling through the streets! Best of luck to both of you


We met Bethany at a Cancer Research UK staff event earlier this year. She made us feel really welcome when we arrived at the venue in Leeds to give our presentation to CRUK Facilitators and were really pleased when she said she’d be keen to join us for the final cycle ride to the Research Centre in Southampton. Bethany said “I wanted to join Sue and Patrick after hearing their inspirational stories and wanting to be a part of this fantastic fundraising event


Claire is a member of CRUK staff who joined us last year to climb Snowdon on our 3 Peaks Ultra 4 CRUK. She and colleague, Bec, have their own CRUK fundraising cycling challenge in October that they’re currently in training for. Claire will join us to cycle from the CRUK Oxford office, which she manages ,to the Oxford research centre. Claire said “ I want to be part of this challenge to show my support to Sue and Patrick – two fantastic people who never cease to inspire me with their commitment to CRUK, their incredible fundraising achievements and the physical endeavours they put themselves through


” I work with Outbound Supporter Engagement team in Oxford. I have been looking after my dad for the past three years whilst he has been battling oesophageal cancer after being diagnosed at just 55 years old. I have recently joined the charity working with the fundraising team to try and do my bit for Cancer Research UK so other families don’t have to go through the same battles we have. The challenge Patrick and Sue  taken on and the support they have shown for CRUK is amazing, I would love to have the chance to meet them and personally, cycle a small part of this amazing journey and thank them for their efforts!


‘I met both Patrick and Sue on a training day in London earlier this year, for Patrick’s London marathon. Having listened to the reasons behind their inspiration and determination to fundraise for Cancer Research UK, I am very honoured and extremely excited to be joining them for a bit of their amazing journey. I have worked for Cancer Research UK for over two years now and am currently in the Supporter Engagement team, based in Oxford. ”’


“Having done some long cycles in the past (including Land’s End to John O’Groats, on a tandem bike) I know how long and lonely the roads can be, any support helps push you that bit further. It’s always fascinating to hear the thoughts of fellow long distance cyclists, and I hope I can gain some insight from Patrick and Sue! Can’t wait to briefly be part of your epic journey and help in any way I can 😊


I have had the pleasure of knowing Sue since my very first week in my new role at Cancer Research UK as a Legacy Manager , Both Sue and Patrick are quite frankly and inspiration and remind me on a daily basis why I love my job so much, I share their view that with the ground breaking research Cancer Research UK do there will be a cure for Cancer, I am really looking forward to doing the last little ride with them with my new bicycle complete with basket !


As well as being an inspiration to so many of us with their dedication to Cancer Research UK, Sue and Patrick are also both lovely, warm, generous people and I can’t wait to show my support for them on their latest challenge.


I just want to acknowledge the huge efforts that our CRUK supporters make to raise the profile and funds towards this massively important research into cancer. Joining Patrick and Sue for the proverbial last mile is a very small way of saying a great big thank you to them both for their fantastic efforts, not just with this journey, but all their fundraising activities over the years”


I am joining Sue and Patrick because I support their efforts in campaigning for the magnificent charity: Cancer Research UK.  So many lives have been affected by cancer, including that of my husband, Paul, and those of many other family members and friends. This charity does great work in raising awareness, supporting sufferers and survivors, in scientific research, and in campaigning to improve public health. I am proud to support Sue and Patrick in their fund-raising ventures.”

Jock & Linda

We have known this lovely couple since Cancer Research brought them together, we are in awe
at the level of their commitment, we are humbled by all that they have already achieved, and the very least we can do is to support them as they travel through Oxford.”

Ange & Pete

“We’ve take a keen interest in Sue & Patrick’s fundraising for several reasons; 
• the cause is one close to our hearts – so much has been achieved through CRUK and so much remains to be done
• they’re good friends and we wonder at their energy, stamina and resourcefulness
• we love to follow their blog – how do they write so much detail when they must be totally exhausted? 
• and we love their story . . . it would make a great movie!! 

They make us feel proud and guilty at the same time and we find that supporting their massive efforts makes the guilty feeling go away a little bit!!”

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