2 Days to go

Moved and motivated

We were due to leave home at 10am and so had some time to catch up with social media before leaving. We were moved by a couple of messages from CRUK volunteer friends. Their personal experiences and comments just emphasised why we were about to set off and drive for 6 hours northwards to then spend 4.5 days cycling back down.

A card which we received from our local fundraising manager, Cathy, further motivated us – and combined with the social media comments made us also feel a little bit emotional before we set off. We knew that there’d be much more emotion as we went through the week. It’s not just a cycle ride, but represents much more to us.

With Rubes and Roberto safely secured on top of the car, we set off to pick up friend Jackie, who will be providing our support for the next week. We know that whatever help we need at any stage, Jackie will be able to deal with it, or find someone who can. Nothing phases her – just what we need.

Our journey to Newcastle was uneventful but quite lengthy. We were constantly buffeted by the wind and slightly concerned about Rubes and Roberto perched aloft. It seemed a very long way to drive and it’ll be even longer to cycle. As we’ve said before – we’re not proper cyclists, we just don the lycra and do our best and sometimes our best takes an awfully long time! We desperately hope that we don’t have to cope with the downpours and winds that we experienced on our drive today. Days which we expect to be long will be even longer battling against strong winds.

This evening was our relaxing evening. By tomorrow evening we’ll be more focussed with what we have to deal with on Monday. Consequently, we’d taken some time earlier in the week to review restaurants in Newcastle. We chose one called Bistro Forty Six, which was close to where we were staying in Jesmond.


What attracted us was the promise of fresh local produce, contemporary European cuisine and a casual ambience. On arrival we received a warm Geordie welcome from Jamie. We were not disappointed by our food – it was delicious. If you’re in the area, it’s certainly worth trying. When we asked for the bill we were not only presented with our bill, but with an envelope which was a donation from Jamie, Max (chef) and the staff at Bistro Forty Six. We’d been chatting to Jamie about the challenge and he was already aware and supportive of the work of CRUK. Thank you so much Bistro Forty Six!

Our day ended as it had started – with support from kind people who have moved and motivated us.

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