10 days to go

We decided to incorporate a recce of the CRUK shop and research centre in Southampton into a training ride. We’ve had many issues navigating in city centres in the past and knew that timelines would be tight on the final day. We couldn’t afford a whole set of wrong turns at the end of our challenge. So, we loaded Rubes and Roberto onto the car and drove down to a random village approx 20 miles from the finish of N2S4CRUK. We discovered that Crawley was a pretty Hampshire village with some very old (and expensive looking!) properties.

The gentle, undulating countryside that we cycled through took us through other pretty and affluent looking villages, including Hursley. I was bemused by the butchers and the sign set me pondering – what exactly is a high class butchers. Is it that it serves a wealthy and/or aristocratic clientele? Is it that the butcher him/herself comes from a wealthy and/or aristocratic lineage? Is it something completely different? Answers in the comments section please. It also made me think of the use of the word ‘purveyors’. When is it appropriate to use the word ‘purveyors’? Could Lidl describe themselves as ‘purveyors of cheap groceries’?

For once our pedalling was uneventful (hurrah). Gerry the Garmin behaved himself and we arrived at the CRUK Southampton (Shirley) shop where manager Angie gave us a warm welcome. We never cease to be impressed by the dedication and commitment of the shop managers and Angie was, quite rightfully, proud of her domain and so positive about the 12 volunteers who work in the shop. We learnt that this shop will be 35 years old in October and Angie will have been manager for 10 years in November – time for a double celebration! The next time we see Angie we’ll only have 1 mile left to the end of N2S4CRUK. It’s a good thought.

Following a photo, we said goodbye to Angie and pedalled up the hill to Southampton General Hospital , where the Southampton CRUK centre is sited. It was all quite straightforward with the aid of Gerry the Garmin, so we’re now confident that we won’t get lost in that last mile.We’d arranged to have a quick meet-up with Liz Allaway who’s the CRUK Research Engagement Manager here. There is some fantastic research conducted here, to read more and view a couple of videos click below

CRUK Research

Scroll down to the bottom of the page on the link for Southampton

It’s always motivating and inspiring to visit research centres and we’re really grateful to Liz and the other staff here who have been so supportive. We’re so looking forward to being back here at 3.30pm on Friday 16th August. Who knows what adventures we’ll have experienced on our journey down from Newcastle!

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  1. Thanks for your support Cathy. The first day today where I’m not feeling guilty for not cycling!

  2. Fantastic read! Thanks for sharing
    All the best,

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