Open every day except…

Weather conditions were perfect on Monday as we pedalled off towards the cafe at the Crofton Beam Engine. Engine number 1 was built in 1812 by Boulton and Watt and is the oldest working beam engine in the world, in its original location and able to perform its original task.

Quite impressive! We’d arrived on a Wednesday last year to find that it was open every day… except Wednesday. Listen to Patrick explaining how we got on…

Patrick explains our issue

We pedalled on another 8 miles to the Eliane cafe in Hungerford, selecting a table where we could keep our eyes on Rubes and Roberto as we’d forgotten to bring the lock. Worth a stop for lunch if you’re in these parts – delicious salads and even more delicious cakes and smoothies. The ‘Magic Mango’ smoothie is highly recommended.

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