Garden, Cake and MP

We felt privileged to be invited to the preview evening of the Hampton Court Garden Festival by the CRUK Legacy team who had a garden there.

The Cancer Research UK Pledge Pathway to Progress, designed by award winning gardener Tom Simpson, won a gold medal from the judges and was also winner of the peoples’ vote. The garden represents the collective force of our supportersĀ and researchers who together will bring forward the day when all cancers are cured and had stakes showing the progress that had already been made.

As well as meeting members of the CRUK legacy team (who did a brilliant job explaining to visitors how the garden represented CRUK’s work) we also met Executive Director, Ed Aspel, who’s always been very supportive of our fundraising challenges.

Following a week with almost no training we needed to get back on our bikes and managed a 60 mile ride around villages in south Oxfordshire.Our longer rides usually incorporate a coffee shop – some motivation to keep on pedalling. Our stop on this route was at Lilly’s tea room in the delightful village of Dorchester-on-Thames, where Midsomer Murders is filmed.

Sue’s thoughts on the best bit of the training ride

Lily’s has some interesting wallpaper in the loo, which reminded me of my childhood when mum used to knit jumpers for herself, dad, my Bruvver and me. We must have looked like a family from the front of a knitting pattern.

The library for use of customers had this fascinating looking book!

On Thursday we had an excuse not to cycle as we had a meeting with our MP, Ed Vaizey, in Portcullis House, to discuss Cancer Research UK’s ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ campaign. The objective is to get MPs support, to demonstrate to the new Prime Minister that the government needs to have a fully funded workforce plan for cancer diagnostic staff. At the moment 10% of positions are vacant and this is creating a bottleneck in getting cancer patients diagnosed early. The impact of lack of trained staff will only get worse as the incidence of cancer increases. Ed has always been supportive of campaigns to improve early diagnosis and happily signed the letter to the Prime Minister – whoever that may be!

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  1. What memories you’ve brought Suzanne of those Scottish road surfaces that are ideal for cars in snowy conditions!

  2. I’m sure I recognise some of those knitting patterns from my mum’s collection!
    Well done with your training and all that advance work on routes-hopefully all your tarmac will be smoother than the Scottish stuff.

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