It doesn’t get better than this

With the sun shining we set off on our training ride. At 8.30am it was a little chilly, but as we pedalled along the undulating road under the Ridgeway we warmed up. 7 miles down the road we had a quick stop and Patrick commented on the coffee shop across the road, but even we couldn’t stop after just 7 miles! Off we pedalled up Ashbury hill and then down the swooping 6 mile downhill stretch to Lambourn. The temperature by now was perfect, there was minimal wind and the Oxfordshire/Berkshire countryside looked beautiful. Patrick even felt that his chicken legs belonged to him today!

We returned home as Patrick needed to get to London for a meeting at the Francis Crick Institute. I decided I had some surplus energy so pedalled back to investigate the coffee shop in Ashbury. I received a warm welcome from Lorna and Andy as I ordered my coffee and spent a little time deciding which cake to go for. Decision – coffee cake.

The coffee cake was moist, light and delicious! Asbury’s Tea Room and Village Shop is a really welcoming place. It’s open Tuesday – Saturday and if you’re visiting the Uffington White Horse it’s convenient for a visit.

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